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AZ Canine Center is a full-service, cage-free facility in Chandler, Arizona. More than just a boarding center or daycare, we offer wrap-around services so your pup can have a great time and practice being a good canine citizen, too.


Our trainers are some of Arizona’s best. Whether it’s introducing a new dog into your pack, desensitizing your dog from anxiety triggers, puppy training, or high-level obedience, we are here to help, with decades of experience!


We provide a fun and engaging daycare and boarding experience to ensure your dog’s time with us is stimulating, enjoyable, and enriching. With a focus on good manners, mental stimulation, and play, your dog’s time with us is time well-spent!

With daycare, boarding, training, and grooming services, AZ Canine Center is set on 7 acres and is a dog’s paradise. Unlike most daycare and boarding facilities, we offer a focus on training while dogs are away from their owners. With decades of collective experience, our staff are experts at imprinting manners, providing mental stimulation, and fostering good habits in dogs in our care. We are a 24/7 staffed facility and offer a wide range of options to suit each individual dog’s needs, ensuring they thrive with us! We employ the highest professional standards in our facility and go to great lengths to make sure your dog’s experience with us is safe, comfortable, rewarding, enriching, and fun!

Training Services

All Dogs Are Good Dogs

With decades of experience and certifications from the industry’s leading institutions, our positive discipline training program offers everything from board-n-trains to puppy kindergarten, group classes, and service dog training. We recognize each dog’s uniqueness and approach all training with an individualized plan for success. With almost 3 decades of experience, we can train everything from basic obedience, to working dogs and ADA service dogs.
Training Services

Daycare & Boarding

Come and
Stay Awhile!

We are a training-based facility and provide an unmatched daycare experience. We believe in engaging our dogs in the outside environment and letting them be dogs—they are encouraged to spend lots of time in our huge play yards sniffing, running, chasing, playing, and even learning on our agility equipment. We re-enforce good manners and good doggie habits in all we do, and ensure your pup has fun, stimulating days.
Daycare & Boarding


Look good,
Feel Good

After a stay with us, your pup will look as good as she feels! During daycare or boarding, we can provide full groom baths, regular baths, nail trims, ears, teeth, nails, paw pads, trims, shave downs, and de-shed treatments.
Put your trust in the best for your pet. Our team of experts has almost 3 decades of experience - we bring top-tier qualifications and a deep confidence in dogs and their ability to enrich and enhance lives. Our motto has always been “giving you a better dog at the end of your stay” – not only will your furry family member have fun, but receive loving care and positive reinforcement for good manners.

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