Toxin Talk & Pets – Avoiding Dangerous Plants

Like it or not, our world is filled with chemicals and toxins that can harm your dog or cat. It’s impossible to eliminate them all, but there are plenty of ways you can reduce his exposure and preserve his wellness.

One of the key ways to a healthy dog or cat is minimizing his exposure to chemicals and other toxins. That’s hard to do in today’s world, where our soil, water and air are mostly all polluted to some degree. Aside from keeping your companion in a plastic bubble, what can you do to protect them? Quite a lot, as it turns out. Indoor toxins range from houseplants and some human foods to cleaning products and pharmaceuticals. Be sure to keep all toxic items out of your animal’s reach.
Poisonous houseplants should either be discarded or given away, or placed in an inaccessible area. Medications should be kept in locked cabinets and household cleaners replaced with safer alternatives.
 · Amaryllis
 · Crocus
 · Buttercup
 · Calla lily
 · Christmas rose
 · Chrysathemum
 · Daffodil bulbs
 · Easter lily
 · Foxglove
 · Hyacinth bulbs
 · Iris Roots
 · Jessamine
 · Morning glory
 · Peony
 · Periwinkle
 · Primrose
 · Tulip bulbs